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We first found Dizzipaws back in 2014 when we wanted to invite a Ragdoll kitten into our family. Fast forward 8 years and we are still in contact with Julie.  As well as our first kitten, we have welcomed her father into our family when he retired from making lovely kittens and adopted a rescue Ragdoll, all through Julie and Dizzipaws Ragdoll Rescue. 

The care and professionalism which Dizzipaws demonstrates is second to none. Her furry babies are treated like princes and princesses in absolutely fabulous conditions. They are cherished at every stage of their development and very well socialised. 

Even after 8 years, we can still ask Julie for advice and Dizzipaws’ commitment and love for their boys and girls lasts a lifetime. We cannot recommend Dizzipaws highly enough

5 years ago I decided I wanted a ragdoll cat, having never owned one before I contacted Julie at Dizzipaws, she asked a little about me and told me a little about herself and her Ragdoll cats. Following this I arranged a visit because she had two beautiful babies available. 

The way the babies were kept was absolutely outstanding, everything squeaky clean. The entire set up at Dizzipaws was and is outstandingly beautiful, like a ten star nursery for kitties. All of Julie's cats are absolutely stunning and beautifully groomed, you can just see the love, care and passion that she puts into her ragdolls and how they live.  

 I've had Rico, a seal mitted for 5 years now and Pedro a blue mitted for 3 years now, both are stunning  Dizzipaws boys that are amazing with our young girls. They are both lap cats and they kisses and cuddles. They don't like  to be left alone  too long as they adore human company, which is what we love about  them both. 

 The advice and support Julie gives  is outstanding and I know is there for a lifetime.  Any problems, questions or any extra advice you need  Julie is just a phone  call away to give it.  Julie is an outstanding, top quality breeder and I would recommend her to anyone looking to add a ragdoll to their family.

I have to say there's possibly no one who knows this breed better than Julie, I got my beautiful (late) Etty Fluff and my seriously handsome Toby via Dizzipaws, the amazing champion of champions, Bruce, being Toby's daddy and Etty Fluff was one of his sister's.  Julie is the most honest and caring of breeders and meets all her cats needs in every way. A truly inspirational breeder who I would highly recommend.

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